Benoît Marguet wants to ’live’ his work, like he lives his life, in harmony with the nature. Today he possesses certifications in both organic and biodynamic farming. Natural farming leads to natural winemaking at Marguet. In this Master Class Benoît lets you in on his holistic philosophy. We will sample his production starting with non-vintage Shaman followed by single-village cuvées from the famous Montagne de Reims Grands Crus Bouzy and Ambonnay. Benoît shares with us also his most prestigious creations, his single-vineyard Champagne from Ambonnay’s Les Crayères plot as well as his unique prestige cuvée Sapience. A Master Class not to miss! Welcome to Grand Champagne Helsinki 🇫🇮, Benoit! @champagne_marguet

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