Champagne Francis Orban is founded in 1929 and is located in village of Leuvrigny, Vallée de la Marne (“Rive Droite”). They  are famous for their Meunier grapes (used by leading Houses, such as Krug) and today the total 7,5 hectares of vineyards are 90% Meunier and about 10% Chardonnay. Annual production is about 68 000 bottles and the range currently offers 6 different cuvées that are present in 12 leading international markets.

Francis Orban is now the winegrower in 4th generation. When he took over the family business in 2007 only 1 500 bottles were produced. Francis is a dynamic 37 year old. Being an accessible and leading Meunier winegrower in Champagne, Francis is always striving to connect his products with his clients around the world who love Meunier-driven champagnes.